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         In 1961, 32 students enrolled in the Engineering Department of "Light Industry Mechanics" and they graduated in 1966. It was the source base of the current Department of Light Industriial Technology and Engineering.

Since 1978, the Faculty of Mechanical Technology of the Mongolian Polytechnic Institute became the part of Mongolian State University, and the Polytechnic Institute has come out of the Mongolian State University and became independent Department of Light and food Industriial Technology in 1982. Since 1995, professors, lecturers, and workers of the School of Light Industrial Technology of the Mongolian Technical University have been involving in training and research activities and have been continuously preparing light industry professionals.

In 1998-2014, under the School of Industrial Technology and Design of the MUST were established Department of Light Industry, Department of Textile Technology, Department of Clothing, Department of Leather Studies and Department of Forest Industrial Technology. Since that preparing and continuing training activities of domestic professional engineers have intensified and the number of teaching staff and scientists has increased.

         In 2014-2018, MUST has changed its structure. Was established the School of Industrial Technology. The subsidiary of School of Industrial Technology, Department of Textile Technology has been preparing engineers for a light, textile, clothing and leather processing industry whereas the Department of Forest Industrial Technology has been preparing forest engineers and wood processing engineers. Also printing technology program was involved in Design department of the School of Industrial Technology.


Curriculum, human resources and material base

         Department of Light Industrial Technology and Engineering was established by the resolution B/37 in 2018/01/29 of the Principle of the University of Science and Technology of Mongolia. Department of Light Industrial Technology and Engineering has been implementing professional training programs for textile, leather, clothing, wood processing, printing, mechanics sectors and conducting scientific research. The department consists of the head, advisory professor, two professors, four associate professors, twelve senior teachers, four teachers, four master trainers, auxiliary assistant. More than 340 bachelor’s, 30 masters and 20 doctoral students have been involved in 8 training programs.

Programs include:

  • Textile technology
  • Mechanical engineer-Machine and equipment of Light Industry
  • Clothing industrial technology and fashion construction
  • Technology of leather manufacturing and leather goods
  • Printing technology
  • Forest Engineer
  • Wood Processing Industrial Technology
  • Finishing technology of eco materials


          Within our community of professors with high proficiency, teaching methodology, research and experimental studies, we have Honored Teacher of Mongolia-1, Doctor of Science-2, Doctor (Ph.D)-11 and Master-11.

The training and research are conducted at the 4th, 10th, and 11th building. The Center for Clothing Research, the "Shima Seiki" Training Center, research firms for plant growth, seed records and census, polygamous are managed by our professors and teachers.

The Institute of Light Industrial Research and Development and The Institute of Forest Training and Research are located at 10th, 11th building of MUST. The Institutes collaborate for research and experimentation in the field of wool, cashmere and wood products and introduce new advanced innovation products and technologies.

The Department of Light Industrial Technology and Engineering has 5- textile production, 2- wood processing, 2- sewing technology-design, 1- mechanical, 1- leather, clothing materials workshops. Wool, wood and chemical research laboratories that provide students with the skills to perform internship, experiment and research based on the material base of the laboratory.


Foreign Cooperation:

The Department of Light Industrial Technology and Engineering cooperates with foreign universities and colleges in order to involve students in master's and doctoral advanced program and joint research studies.

  • Kyoto University of Technology, Japan
  • Shinshu University, Japan
  • Forest Product and Harvest Research Laboratory, Utsunomiya University, Japan
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
  • Universite de Haute Alsace, France
  • Incheon University, Korea
  • I-Fashion Clothing Technical Center, Konkuk University, Korea
  • Aachen Wool Research Institute (DWI)
  • University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Dresden University, Germany
  • Faculty of Forestry, University of Freiburg, Germany
  • East Siberia State University of Technology and Management
  • Moscow Textile University
  • Ivanovo Textile Academy
  • Tainan University of Technology, Taiwan



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