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Department of Food engineering

Department of Food Engineering was founded in 1971 as a part of Polytechnical Institute of National University of Mongolia with 43 enrolled students majoring in food  technology, food preparation  technology and service, and mechanical engineering.

In 1995, the department became a unit of School of Food-Biotechnology at present of Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST).

Since 2014 the department has conducted program of “Food Engineering” and joint programs  of “Mechanic engineering” and “Management” with School of Mechanical Engineering and Transportation and  School of Business Administration and Humanities, respectively.

Department of Food engineering offers undergraduate and master courses in four majors and doctor’s degree courses in three majors.

 Bachelor’s degrees




Food technology


Food preparation technology and service



Food engineering 


Food industry management



Master’s degrees :      course-based (taught) and research-based

Food  technology


Food  preparation technology and service


Food engineering 


Food refrigeration system


Doctoral degrees  

Food technology


Food  preparation technology and service


Food engineering



The vision of the Department aim to graduate professionals with strong knowledge and skills that ensure sustainable development of food industry and satisfy constantly changing market demands; offer professional skills needed for designing, developing and using a variety of advanced new technologies. During their studies, the graduates gain team working and problem solving abilities to do critical thinking and be able to conduct researches. They also gain strong interpersonal, communication and leadership skills to become responsible citizens of the society.

The Department of Food Engineering employs 24 academic staff - head  of department, an academic advisor, 2  professors, 3 associate  professors, 9 senior lecturers, 3 lecturers, 4 training masters and 1 assistant. Today around 530 students are enrolled in the department in all levels of studies.

The faculty offer high quality teaching and research services from the faculty members, 2 Science Doctors and 10 Doctors of Philosophy ( Ph.D) in Food science and other sciences.

There are 5 practical and lecture rooms, 12 laboratories operating under the Department. These are:


             - Food engineering laboratory

               - Refrigeration unit laboratory

               - Rheology laboratory

               - Computer laboratory

               - Virtual laboratory

               -  Food  preparation technology and service training laboratory

               -  Cereals, fruit and vegetables processing technology training and research  laboratory

               - Bakery & Confectionery training and research  laboratory

               - Brewing technology training and research laboratory

               - Dairy processing technology training and research laboratory

               - Meat processing technology training and research laboratory

               - Canned food  technology training and research laboratory


Since 1971, over 2500 undergraduates, 300 master graduates and 30 doctorate graduates in the majors of  food technology,  engineering and managing and business administration are graduated from the Department of Food Engineering. The majority of graduates are employed in food manufacturing, food companies, food safety and surveillance, universities and colleges have graduated from the department and have been contributing to the provision of healthy and safe foods to Mongolians.


School of industrial technology


School of industrial technology

The Department cooperates with a variety of state administrative authorities, public organization, research institutions as well as food manufacturing companies. For instance, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Health, the Mongolian Agency for Standardization and Metrology, the National Center for Public Health, the General Agency for Specialized Inspection, the General Authority of State Registration, the Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia, the Ulaanbaatar city Mayor’s Office and its affiliate organizations as well as Mongolian Food Industry Association are the examples of partnering organizations.

Furthermore, the Department plans to conduct joint research projects and programs with international organizations, universities and research centers of Russia, China, Inner Mongolia, Japan, Germany, Bulgaria, Taiwan and Belgium.